Adaptive & Assistive Technology

When it comes to technology, one size does not fit all.  Glenbrook Solutions will assist you in finding the right hardware to meet your needs, and we will empower you to use those tools to their fullest.



speech to text

Typing can be difficult, especially over long periods of time -- not to mention the inevitable typos and physical pain that some people may suffer while typing. Glenbrook Solutions will configure and teach you how to use voice-to-text software so that you will be able to type just by using your voice.

specialty devices

Sometimes one part of the computer, such as the monitor, keyboard, or mouse, just doesn't work perfectly for you. Glenbrook Solutions will assist you in learning to use new hardware to best suit your individual needs, such as specialty keyboards,larger monitors, weighted mice, and much more.



much more

Sometimes there are solutions that you may not even know exist, such as controlling your computer mouse with your eyes. If you have questions about adaptive technology or any of the other services that Glenbrook Solutions offers, please contact us and a certified consultant will speak with you about options that may work for you.